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Bathroom sauna can be installed almost anywhere, in apartments, hotels, ships etc. Bathroom sauna is well-suited as a renovation product but it fits in new constructions as well. The bathroom sauna is ready for use in the same day when assembled. The Harvia Capella bathroom sauna for two is an ideal solution for a small bathroom, adding a touch of luxury while taking up no more space than a standard bathtub. To a space requirement even 145 x 90 cm is enough. Capella bathroom sauna's benches, sto
PLEASURE AND PERFORMANCE Helo Saga Electro is a spectacular new heater for large domestic saunas or for commercial use in hotels, health clubs, wellness centres and spas. The Saga Electro heaters are suitable for saunas with a capacity of 16-50 m3. The stylish steel casing holds an impressive 200 kg of sauna stones that radiate rich smooth heat in every direction. Due to the massive amount of stones and the open design the heater creates an incredibly enjoyable steam experience at a comfortable
A luxurious steam room that meets the highest criteria for form and function. The perfect complement to public bathing facilities in hotels, spas and corporate hospitality suites - and a dream come true in most homes. cmsClient.initImageBox('.imageFull'); Technical details Property name Value Heating elements Seats 8 Dimensions width, mm 2120 Dimensions depth, mm 2520 Dimensions height, mm 2070 Weight, kg Output, kW 9kW Fuse Additional information
For decades Tylö has been the obvious choice for saunas in hotels, clubs, swimming baths and sports facilities. Professionally managed environments like these prioritise reliability and low energy consumption, while frequent use subjects both designs and materials to punishing treatment. Thanks to their tried-and-tested construction, intelligently conceived functions and materials of the very finest quality, our classic SD heaters are more than a match for tough criteria like these. No wonder th
Narvi Ultra Big heaters are Narvi's most effective floor model heaters adapt for big saunas that are continuously in use. The target users are, among other things, hotels, recreation centres, swimming halls and shared saunas in apartment buildings. Narvi Ultra Big heaters are manufactured in four biggest power classes; 18 kW, 24 kW, 30 kW and 33 kW. Thanks to the large 120 kg stone capacity, the steam output is excellent even in a big sauna. The heater components are made of corrosion and wear r
Narvi Ultra sauna heaters are free-standing heaters designed for spacious saunas and long usage times. Typical applications include hotels, holiday resorts, indoor swimming pools, communal saunas in residential buildings and spacious family saunas. Narvi Ultra sauna heaters are manufactured to four different power categories; 9,0 kW, 10,5 kW, 12 kW and 15 kW. The substantial stone capacities of Narvi Ultra heaters provide exceptional steam quality. Narvi Ultra sauna heaters are designed for heav